It is our policy to provide software updates to the latest version at no charge.
This means that even our oldest products can be updated to factory-new condition.
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Most Popular Downloads:

WinScript Live!

Write scripts for the V16Pro dynamically and without resource limits. (Win8, Win7, WinXP, Win Vista)

View Demo or View Tutorial

Binloop Config

Used to configure and control our full line of Binloop products. (Win8, Win7, WinXP, Win Vista)


Transcode video for Alcorn McBride video products. Free Demo. (Win8, Win7, WinXP, Win Vista)







Current Software

File Description Platform Changes Version Date Size
TraXX Configuration Software Configure your 8TraXX with Ethernet, ProTraXX, or TourTraXX Win8, Win7, WinXP, Win Vista Release Notes 1.15 Nov 12 2013 12MB
Audio/Video & Binloop
Binloop Config Binloop Config is the configuration software for all of our latest Binloop products. It is used to configure Binloop products with controller board DBAP4 and DBAP5 Win8, Win7, WinXP, Win Vista Release Notes Feb 03 2015 12.5MB
Binloop Config (Dante) Binloop Config Software with Dante configuration package. 

Win8, Win7, WinXP, Win Vista Release Notes Feb 03 2015 68.5MB
Digital Media Manager Complete end to end software for controlling single or multiple media players like the AM4, DVM7400, 8TraxxE, and ProTraxx.  Also installs Playlist Builder and Schedule Builder. Win8, Win7, WinXP, Win Vista Add DVM8500 1.50.5

June 25 2012

GPS Builder Create playlists for use in the AM-4, DVM7400, DVM8400 or TourTraXX while operating in GPS mode. Win7, WinXP, Win Vista Maps Support (Drag and Drop) 1.48 Apr 10 2014 4MB
MediaFlow MediaFlow is an easy to use video transcoding tool to prepare content for Alcorn McBride video products. Win8, Win7, WinXP, Win Vista Release Notes 1.09 Jun 5 2014 26MB
Playlist Builder Create Playlists for the DVM7400, DVM8400, Binloop, ProTraxx, 8TraxxE, or AM4 Win7, WinXP, Win Vista Added DVM8500 1.35 June 25 2012 900KB
Schedule Builder Create Schedules for the DVM7400, DVM8400, ProTraxx, 8TraxxE, or AM4 Win7, WinXP, Win Vista Added DVM8500 support 1.39 June 25 2012 1MB
Amp Builder Configure the AmpTraXX Win7, Win8   1.0.1 Feb 24 2015 40MB
DMXWizard Front-end for the DMX Machine provides eight interactive sliders for controlling DMX levels from your PC. Win7, WinXP 1.02 May 29 2001 76KB
LightCue Manager Interface to LightCuePro and LightCue-E for Setup, Record, Playback and Monitoring Win7, Win Vista   1.0.17 Dec 2013 8MB
Show Control
AMI Terminal This program allows you to control our products over Ethernet, USB or Serial. Win8, Win7, WinXP, Win Vista Updated Product Support 3.20 May 21 2013 12MB
Touch The interface builder for Alcorn McBride controllers with Ethernet
Products Supported: V16Pro V4Pro VCore
Win8, Win7, WinXP, Win Vista Required update for V16Pro/V4Pro v1.54 or greater 2.65 June 24 2014 31MB
WinScript Live WinScript Live is the programming software for the V16Pro and V4Pro Show Controllers. It provides live programming without the need for compile and download. Win8, Win7, WinXP, Win Vista Release Notes Nov 4 2013

WinScript 3.0


WinScript is the programming software for our show control products including the V16+, V4+, V2+, InterActivator, IO64, and DMX Machine. This is the complete package, not a demo. It is a self-extracting file, which includes the editor, compiler, help files, DMX Wizard, Protocol Editor, RealTime Wizard and Time Calculator. Complete documentation is built into the help system (included), or may be downloaded in Adobe Acrobat form from our Library. Win8, Win7, WinXP, Win Vista

SMPTE Timcode Stop/Loop for Binloop updated

3.07.03 May 14 2009 3.0MB
Product File Creator


Easily create and edit product files for WinScript Live Win8, Win7, WinXP, Win Vista Release Notes 2.0.2 Jan 6 2015 6.9MB
UDP Remote Control your show, lighting, audio or video product using this simple iPhone App. Works with any of our Ethernet enabled products. (iPhone app) iOS for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Added ability to set a custom background.
Updated graphics for Retina display.
1.1 Feb. 24, 2012

Utilities & Misc. Downloads *
Flash Size Calculator Calculates the approximate size of a flash card needed to hold media files based on bit rate       Dec 2008  
Rename Files Rename an entire directory of files to numbered format and automatically generate a playlist       Dec 2008  
TimeCalc Our award-winning Timecalc utility adds and subtracts SMPTE, EBU, Video, and Audio program lengths and even converts absolute frames to timecode format. Includes support for 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, and 30fps. Also included in the full version of WinScript.       Oct 2011 7MB
Winscript Live Product Files A complete listing of the products files (for "Devices" control) that come with WinScriptLive       April 21 2010  
Winscript Protocol Files A complete listing of the protocol files that come with WinScript, along with additional protocol files available for download. Oct 11 2000 1.5MB
AMI Terminal Control and configure Alcorn McBride products over serial, USB, or Ethernet Win8, Win7, WinXP, Win Vista       9.7MB

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*Disclaimer: Software has been tested on the indicated platforms. While it may work on older or newer platforms, please do so at your own risk.

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