Video Products
Whether you need a small player for a stand-alone display, a room full of synchronized videos, or better than broadcast high definition, there's a video player in our line that's perfect for your application.
Digital Video Machine
This compact player is ideal for two completely different uses: high quality video in small exhibits, or GPS-triggered playback on vehicles. Its variety of output options make it quite flexible.
Digital Video Machine HD
If you think that stuff they sell at Circuit City is high definition, think again! The Digital Video Machine plays up to 1080p video at nearly three times the broadcast bandwidth.
Video Binloop
With up to 16 tracks of video, plus 32 tracks of audio in a 3U package, the Video Binloop offers amazing performance at a terrific price. And since it uses Compact Flash, it's maintenance-free.
Digital Binloop HD
Up to 8 tracks of high-definition video in a 3U package and with all of the features you have come to expect from the Alcorn McBride Binloop. There is no better product for sychronized high-definition video playback.

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