V16 Pro - Frequently Asked Questions
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Q What size CompactFlash card ships with the V16 Pro?
A The V16 Pro currently ships with a 2GB card (subject to change). Script files tend to be less than 300KB. Graphic files for the ShowTouch vary in size.
Q Can I use old WinScript scripts with the new V16 Pro? 
A Yes, just create a new script in WinScriptLive and then select 'import' from the 'file' menu to import the old .amw script. 
Q The V16 Pro has USB, can I use it to control another USB device?  
A USB is used for file transfer and control of the V16 Pro only. USB cannot be used to control another device. 
Q Do each of the Ethernet ports on the V16 Pro have their own IP and MAC address? 
A Yes. The ports are completely separate.
Q Can I send a UDP message over Ethernet to a device without using a Product File?
A Yes, just select "custom" as the device name. Then, in the sequence events, select "Message Out" from the events list. 

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