SMPTE Machine
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Linear timecode reader and generator.
  • Reads and Generates All Frame Rates
  • Automatically stores Sequence Triggers
  • Discrete, Serial and Pushbutton Control
  • Converts between LTC and MIDI timecode

The SMPTE Machine is a linear timecode (LTC) reader and generator for both small and large applications. It reads and generates SMPTE or EBU timecode and can easily integrate with any new or existing show system. All standard frame rates are supported -- 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, and 30 drop. It also regenerates received SMPTE, dropout free, at its generate output.

Using The SMPTE Machine with any Alcorn McBride show controller is easy. You simply connect the SMPTE Machine in series with the show controller's programming port. During script downloads the SMPTE Machine captures any timecode triggers in the script and stores them in its non-volatile EEPROM. Then, whenever it read or generates that timecode, it sends a message to the show controller's programming port, commanding the appropriate sequence to start.

The SMPTE Machine can be controlled by RS-232, and discrete signals, making on-the-fly timecode changes not only possible, but nearly effortless. In fact, the show controller can send messages back out the programming port to command the SMPTE Machine to read, generate, change the current timecode, frame rate, and so on.

An intuitive software interface allows easy configuration of the SMPTE Machine, and NTSC video sync assures absolute timecode frame synchronization with video.

In addition to its other tricks, The SMPTE Machine translates MIDI timecode to SMPTE or EBU and vice versa, at all frame rates. Front panel pushbuttons and a parallel discrete interface allow the user to start, stop, and pause timecode generation for easy testing.



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