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is the interface design software for Alcorn McBride show controllers. It comes preloaded on ShowTouch, our rugged touch screen controller, and also runs on a PC with touchscreen or mouse. It includes everything you need to build graphical user interfaces that control and monitor any of our Ethernet-enabled show controllers.

Touch is available as part of WinScriptLive


Easy to use

  • There is no complex programming language to learn
  • Includes a graphics library and example interfaces
  • Create multiple pages to separate and organize control items

Secure Interface

  • Prevents access to the underlying operating system
  • No editing is allowed without an unlock code set by the designer
  • Individual pages can be locked, each with its own unlock code


  • Supports multiple image formats such as png, jpg, gif, and bmp
  • Every page can have a different background image
  • Design a creative interface by changing images, text color, font, and more



  • start sequences
  • set variables
  • display additional pages
  • toggle outputs
  • create radio groups
  • new to v1.6 - map to any keyboard key


  • display output status
  • display boolean variable status
  • turn on and off any output or boolean variable
  • new to v1.6 - map to any keyboard key


  • display output status
  • display input status
  • display boolean variable status
  • monitor sequence running state

Action Indicator new to v1.7

  • start a sequence or set a variable when touched
  • display any status that a regular indicator and monitor


  • set integer variables


  • assign static text
  • display any string variable


  • display an image file such as png, jpeg, bitmap, and more
  • supports images with transparent effects such as drop shadows and anti-aliasing
  • change images based on any variable


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