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Q How do you clean finger prints from the ShowTouch screen? 
A The screen can be cleaned using rubbing alcohol or glass cleaner such as Windex.
Q What makes the ShowTouch hardware unique from other touchscreens? 
A The most unique feature of the ShowTouch is the armored resistive touchscreen. This makes the touchscreen robust enough to be placed in guest areas without being damaged (within reason - please keep hammers away from guests). Also, the touchscreen has no moving parts or a hard drive. It stores all information on CompactFlash. 
Q How many rack units does the ShowTouch take up? 
A The ShowTouch occupies 6U of rack space (it is a 10.4" diagonal screen). Where are the Touch files stored? The Touch files are stored locally on the Flash card in the ShowTouch and they are archived on the V16 Pro. 
Q Can a ShowTouch talk to more than one V16 Pro?
A Only one show controller is allowed per screen. It is recommended to instead send information to a single main controller to connect to a single Touch Screen. Alternatively, multiple ShowTouch for PC instances may be launched on a single computer if needed.
Q Can a V16 Pro talk to more than one ShowTouch? 
A Yes. Additionally, ShowTouch displays can be configured to show different information (for example, one can be a maintenance display while another can be an operator interface). The V16 Pro will prompt for which display information should be displayed on the ShowTouch.
Q Does the ShowTouch automatically search for V16 Pro controllers on a network?
A Yes. 
Q How do I add a new display to my V16 Pro network?
A If the display is intended to be the same as another ShowTouch, simply connect the new display to the network, link to the V16 Pro and it will pull the necessary files from the V16 Pro. For a totally new display, use Touch to build the display. 
Q What mounting configurations are available for the ShowTouch?  
A The ShowTouch comes with the hardware necessary to mount on a wall or other flat surface. Additional mounting options are available including: rackmount, VESA mount, and pedestal (table-top) mount. 
Q What size Compact Flash ships with the ShowTouch? 
A The ShowTouch comes standard with a 4GB Compact Flash card. 
Q What is the difference between Touch and ShowTouch? 
A ShowTouch is a ruggedized hardware solution that can be used in maintenance, operator and guest areas to provide control and status from a V16 Pro. Touch is the interface builder software which is used to design and program the interface. The Touch software runs on the ShowTouch hardware. 
Q Can I run Touch on any PC? 
A Yes. The Touch software runs on any Windows PC, turning it into a graphical user interface.
Q Does Touch support Linux or Mac?
A Not at this time. 



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