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Complete Touch Panel Interface for Alcorn McBride Show Controllers with Ethernet
  • Rugged Metal Housing
  • Preloaded with
    the interface builder designed for show control


ShowTouch can control and monitor Ethernet-enabled Alcorn McBride show controllers such as the V16 Pro. It comes preloaded with everything needed to build a graphical user interface.

Like all of our products, ShowTouch is designed to run 24/7 and with no moving parts to wear-out, it can be mounted just about anywhere while still providing a reliable and stable interface.

Configuration is easy using the Touch software. With just a few touches, you can set a security unlock code, upload the script running on the show controller and start designing a graphical interface with the included graphics library.

The same Touch software that runs on ShowTouch can be used on any Windows PC and is compatible with WinScript Live! The show controller script and interface can be designed and built before ever reaching the project site.

ShowTouch can be used in any size installation. Design options are fully customizable making this interface as unique as your project.


Easy to use

  • The built-in tutorial quickly introduces the most important
    features and how to use them
  • There is no complex programming language to learn
  • Includes a graphics library and example interfaces
  • Create multiple pages to separate and organize control items

Secure Interface

  • Prevents access to the underlying operating system
  • No editing is allowed without an unlock code set by the designer
  • Individual pages can be locked, each with its own unlock code


  • Supports multiple image formats such as png, jpg, gif, and bmp
  • Every page can have a different background image
  • Design a creative interface by changing images, text color, font, and more

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