Show Control Products
All Alcorn McBride show controllers use special, highly reliable hardware, connectors, and our super-stable ScriptOS real-time operating system. Some Alcorn McBride show controllers have been powered up and operating continuously for fifteen years without a reboot or power cycle! From large shows to small exhibits, we make a controller suited to your needs.
V16 Pro
Our top-of-the-line show controller, includes everything the V16+ has plus Ethernet, Timecode generator/reader, Real-time clock, a larger display, and much more.
V4 Pro
Includes everything the V4+ has plus Ethernet, Real-time clock, a larger display, and much more.
Complete touch panel interface for Alcorn McBride show controllers with Ethernet.
UDP Remote
Control your show, lighting, audio or video product using this simple iPhone App. Works with any of our Ethernet enabled products.
Designed to handle 16 devices, multiple shows at the same time, with perfect frame accuracy and reliability.
Smaller sibling of the V16+, the V4+ offers all the same features for shows with four devices.
Our smallest rack-sized controller, the V2+ uses the same super stable operating software as its larger siblings, but is designed to handle two devices.
This kiosk-sized unit packs the same power as the rest of our controllers, but in a tiny footprint. It handles two devices.
Many people use our IO64 as a stand-alone show controller. After all, it has the same powerful operating software as the rest of the line. But, of course, it's a good way to add a bunch of I/O to any system, too.
WEBster is your show control system's gateway to the Internet -- and more. It gives you the ability to remotely update and diagnose your show, but it also serves up web pages to your operator control consoles.
SMPTE Machine
Our SMPTE Machine lets you synchronize any of our show controllers with linear timecode. It read and generates all frame rates, and converts to and from MIDI timecode, too.
This neat little module for Allen Bradley SLC-500 PLCs is the missing link between ride control and show control. It lets the PLC read or generate SMPTE so it can stay in sync with the show.
Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLCs can use this handy module to read or generate SMPTE, so they can sync with the show, too.
SmartVote is an audience polling system. It lets up to 500 guests use push buttons to dynamically control the flow of the show. Full theater polling takes just a half second. Each system is customized to fit your needs.

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