Because of changes in iOS8, Lighting Pad has been removed from the App Store temporarily until we can guarantee compatibility.
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DMX Lighting Control Software for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
  • Controls 512 channels of DMX
  • Industry-standard Art-Net DMX Ethernet protocol
  • Stores up to 100 cues with independent fade times
  • Save and Load Cue Files to your PC
  • Automatic search and display of Art-Net devices
  • Great diagnostic tool!
  • Universal App for iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad 2

LightingPad is the perfect tool for controlling small shows, or for installing and testing lighting systems. It's also great for programming our LightCue Pro lighting controller. Simply connect any Art-Net compatible DMX device to your wireless network, and you have a complete lighting console in the palm of your hand. Because it's an iPhone/iPad application, it's incredibly simple to use.

Watch the iPad Demo

Please note that LightingPad™ is only available for iPad 2


For the iPhone

  Hold your iPhone horizontally, and LightingPad displays the slider view. You can ramp DMX up and down on each of the 512 channels. View more channels by flicking your the screen left or right, or touch the ribbon at the bottom to jump to any channel. Channel values may be displayed in percent or numeric value.



Rotate your iPhone vertically, and LightingPad displays the Cue list. The scrolling dial lets you select any of 100 cues. You can set a fade time in the edit box. Touching the Save button saves the current slider positions and fade time to the selected cue, and also lets you name it.

Touching the Go button executes the selected cue and advances to the next one.

Flick the dial or touch the + or - buttons to increment or decrement the selected cue, in preparation to execute it.

Blackout sets all DMX channels to 0.

The settings screen lets you configure LightingPad. The automatic button searches for Art-Net devices and displays them by name and IP address, allowing you to select one to Unicast to. Or you can broadcast to the entire subnet. You can also use the manual button to specify an address.

The switch lets you select whether the slider values are displayed in percent or value.

And, of course, you can transmit on any of 16 universes.

If you are using the latest version of iOS and iTunes, you can save or load entire cuelists to and from your computer. When your device is connected, the available cue lists are displayed in iTunes at the bottom of the device's Applications tab.


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