Lighting Products
Alcorn McBride offers you two completely different approaches to lighting control, depending upon your requirements. Both choices may be used with a show controller or as stand-alone lighting controllers.
LightCue Pro
A new LightCue now with 4 Universes, Ethernet, capable of up to 40 pile-ons, and much more
This DMX recorder is ideal for complex shows. Use it to record your DMX data so you don't need to leave an expensive lighting console in the attraction.
DMX Machine
This scripted lighting controller is actually a complete show controller in disguise. Use it to create special effects, cycle theaters, or light exhibits. You can trigger it with contact closures or serial messages.
DMX OverRide
Override your DMX feed with this battery backed up unit to provide worklights, exit lights or force a blackout, regardless of the state of your lighting playback system.

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