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DMX Recorder
  • Records 512 DMX Channels in Real Time
  • Records Output of Any Lighting Board
  • Stores Preset "Looks' for Use as Overrides
  • Parallel, SMPTE and RS-232 Control

Alcorn McBride offers two different approaches to lighting control, tailored to different requirements. Both units may be used with a show controller or as stand-alone lighting controllers.

The LightCue is ideal for complex lighting requirements. Let your lighting designer program the show using his favorite lighting console, then simply record the DMX data directly into the LightCue.

Get rid of that expensive console in a permanent installation! In a single rack unit the Alcorn McBride LightCue handles the job at a fraction of the cost, while you move your console to your next job.

The LightCue will capture any DMX data perfectly, on the first try, and play it back exactly the same every time. You can lock the data to SMPTE and the LightCue will even "jam sync" to any spot in the show instantly – that's a great feature for rehearsals! You can also import the data from your LightCue's removable Flash Card into your PC and edit it using a spreadsheet.

The LightCue can also store preset "looks". Need a blackout? Day and Night presets? Worklights? Store each as a preset look, then play them back from front-panel push-buttons, RS-232 or parallel commands.

The LightCue is the perfect lighting controller: small, versatile, easy to use and very economical.

For smaller shows, our DMX Machine may be able to control your lighting and your show as well. Unlike the LightCue, it’s programmed using WinScript.

Call us to discuss which lighting solution is best for you.


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