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Frame-accurate show controller for 2 devices.
  • Control Almost Any Serial Device
  • 8 Optically Isolated Inputs
  • 8 High Current Outputs
  • Video Frame Sync

The InterActivator is a compact controller for smaller shows and kiosks. It's designed to control two devices, but can still handle many completely independent tasks. It doesn't offer the self-restoring polymer fused relay outputs of our larger controllers, but at its heart it uses the same operating system as our V16+ and V4+ controllers.

Anyone who’s owned a PC takes the occasional crash and reboot for granted. With show control that’s simply not an option. That’s why our products use special, highly reliable hardware, connectors, and our super-stable ScriptOS real-time operating system. Some Alcorn McBride show controllers have been powered up and operating continuously for fifteen years without a reboot or power cycle. Try that with a PC!

Not only is ScriptOS extraordinarily stable, it’s also powerful, yet easy to use. Each controller is loaded with a script written using our Windows programming software, WinScript. You create your show's script by entering instructions in an English-like scripting language, much the same way data is entered into a spreadsheet. Once the unit is programmed, a PC is no longer needed.

Each script may contain as many as 256 sequences, which are completely independent. One sequence could handle a preshow, another the main show, and a third could simply monitor the entrance doors.

The InterActivator has two RS-232 serial ports, brought out on easy to use DB-9 connectors. WinScript comes with protocol files that speak the language of thousands of different devices. And if yours isn’t listed, it’s easy to create a new protocol file using our Protocol Editor. Your new commands become a permanent part of the ScriptOS language.

Its eight discrete inputs are opto-isolated, providing protection against field wiring problems. The front panel buttons are actually eight additional inputs for use as sequence triggers.

The InterActivator has eight lamp driver outputs rated at 500mA when used individually, or 150mA when used all together. These can turn on external lights, relays, and so forth.

Using our WEBster Ethernet expansion option, the InterActivator can be controlled, monitored, and downloaded across a local area network or the Internet. Control screens can be served to operator consoles throughout the facility or even across the Internet.

The InterActivator can synchronize to a video frame clock. This means that – unlike competing controllers – we can guarantee frame synchronization of audio, video and control signals through your facility. No fancy programming or trial and error are needed. It simply works, every time.


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