Digital Video Machine HD OS Update

You can determine your current operating system version by sending the "Version Request" serial command (?V<CR>) Using AMITerminal. or any serial terminal program

To update the OS in your DVM/HD, download one of the files below, unzip it into a temporary directory, and follow the instructions in readme.txt.

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How to Choose:

First, analyze the serial number of your DVM/HD or DVM/HD Pro. If this serial number follows the pattern DVMHDxxxxMxxHxxPxxRxxOxxCxxGxx then download the update for the XPe DVM/HD. If the serial number is a 6-digit number, you will need the NTe DVM/HD update.

Note: For the OS update to be successful, it is very important to determine which type of DVM/HD you have and download the correct update.

DVM/HD XPe Update   Serial Number (DVMHDxxxxMxxHxxPxxRxxOxxCxxGxx)
Software Update   Digital Video Machine HD v3.15 Update
Release Notes   Digital Video Machine Release Notes



Legacy DVM/HD NTe Update

Serial Number (xxx-xxx)

Compare the bottom right-hand side of your DVM/HD from the rear to these images below and pick the corresponding upgrade. If you cannot tell, email your serial number to tech support. We may be able to help you determine the board type.

The most recent OS is listed below. Please contact support for a copy.

v2.22   9/18/2003
v2.23b   2/2/2004
      815: Clearly different than the previous versions - colorful.
v2.22   9/18/2003
v2.23b   2/2/2004
      8166: Look for Green LED's on right side.
v2.22   9/18/2003
v2.23b   2/2/2004
      6168: Look for No LED's and serial port built in.
v2.13   10/10/2001 8161: Look for Red LED's on right side

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