Digital Video Machine HD
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Transportation-Museums-Theme Parks-Tourism-Kiosks-Casinos-Retailing-Visitor Centers-Restaurants
Compact Flash high definition video player with Ethernet and GPS.
  • Plays high def video from Compact Flash
  • Real Time Clock Scheduler and Playlists
  • Serial, Parallel or Ethernet Control
  • Video Frame Sync
  • GPS Input

The Digital Video Machine HD is a compact high definition video player that’s rugged enough for the most demanding applications. It also offers very flexible control capabilities, a wealth of interface options, and supports a wide variety of video encoding standards.

Clips are stored on CompactFlash; just copy to the CF card, transfer using a USB flash drive, or download via Ethernet.

You can trigger clips using contact closures, playlists, real-time schedules, RS-232 or Ethernet. Or connect a GPS receiver and video plays automatically as the unit moves through geographical zones you define!

Mount it almost anywhere — vibration resistant, it’s equally at home in equipment rooms or onboard vehicles.

The Digital Video Machine HD offers the most flexible playback imaginable, supporting the most popular audio/video encoding standards including MPEG 1, 2 and 4, h.264, VC-1, WMA, AAC, Dolby. With a 30 Mbps maximum playback rate, video quality is superb.

The Digital Video Machine HD is also a terrific player for GPS-triggered transportation applications. When connected to a GPS receiver (see the accessories page), it steps through cues automatically as it moves through user-defined geographical zones! Click here to try it or watch the tutorial.

With our optional Digial Media Manager software you can manage one or hundreds of players, right from your desktop. Group players together for easy remote update of clips, playlists and schedules. Click here to try it.


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