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Q How do I play 2 (or more) DVM7400's in sync?
A The first step is to order a DVM7400 with the sync option (either a DVM7400/P or DVM7400/E/P). Connect the DVM7400's to a video sync generator. Then, you must have a controller that can send a serial command to the DVM7400s at exactly the same time. This controller should be locked to the same video sync source as the DVM7400s. If you are looking for a controller that can do this, please look at any of our show controllers. 
Q Is there a limit to how big my video file can be on the DVM7400? 
A Yes, and no. The DVM-7400 uses a special version of the FAT32 file system, which has a maximum file size of 2GB. This means you cannot directly play a file larger than 2GB in the DVM-7400. However, you can divide this file into several 'chunks' using a file splitting program. As long as those chunks are named properly, the DVM-7400 will treat them as if they were one single file. No playlisting required, and no need to use Play Next. See the Media Files section of the DVM-7400 manual for details. (Must be using current firmware)

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