Digital Video Machine
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The Input Expander breaks out the binary inputs on your Digital Video Machine, bringing all the signals to an easy-to-wire terminal block. It gives you direct access to up to 15 playback selections, stop, resume, still, and loop. Attach the input expander to a DIN rail or even a wall. When used with a power supply it works up to 1000 feet away!
We offer two GPS Receiver kits, one that mounts magnetically, and another that is permanently installed. Both come with a harness designed to provide them with power and connect them to the serial input of your player.
  If you plan to use GPS Builder's ability to capture geographic data from the GPS receiver during programming (as opposed to just clicking point on the map), you should also order a GPS/USB cable. Since it's just used during programming, you'll only need one of these, no matter how many GPS receivers you're installing.

Part Number Description
EWDVM7400 Extended Warranty for DVM7400
EWDVM7400-E Extended Warranty for DVM7400-E
EWDVM7400-EP Extended Warranty for DVM7400-EP
EWDVM7400-ER Extended Warranty for DVM7400-ER
EWDVM7400-G-MM Extended Warranty for DVM7400-G-MM
EWDVM7400-G-BH Extended Warranty for DVM7400-G-BH
SMK Surface Mount Kit for all DVM7400 models
RMDVM7400-1 Single Unit Rack Mount Kit for DVM7400
RMDVM7400-2 Dual Unit Rack Mount Kit for DVM7400
GPS-MMKIT Magnetic Mount GPS Antenna
GPS-BHKIT Bulkhead Mount GPS Antenna
GPS PROGRAM KIT GPS Programming Kit - Includes Magnetic Mount GPS Antenna, USB Adapter for Computer, and Software
CF8GB 8GB CompactFlash Card
CF16GB 16GB CompactFlash Card
CF32GB 32GB CompactFlash Card
CF64GB 64GB CompactFlash Card
CF128GB 128GB CompactFlash Card
CFAUSB Compact Flash Adapter for Computer USB Port
INPUTEXP Input Expansion Kit. DIN-Rail terminal board, DB37 cable, and 24VDC power supply included.
IOBB I/O Breakout box includes DB37 cable and 37-contact terminal block
DIN19 DIN Rail for mounting IOBB or INPUTEXP in standard equipment rack
KDB37M DB-37 Male Connector Kit with Housing
CBNC-6 HD15 to 5X BNC Cable for RGB Output from DVM7400-EP or DVM7400-ER, 6 Feet
CRCA-6 HD15 to 3X RCA Cable for Component Output from DVM7400-EP or DVM7400-ER, 6 Feet
CETHN Peer-to-Peer (Crossover) Ethernet Patch Cable
DBWP-10 Serial Cable, 9 Pin Female to 9 Pin Female, 10 Feet
DBWP-25 Serial Cable, 9 Pin Female to 9 Pin Female, 25 Feet
USBSER USB to RS232 Serial Adapter for Computer
PS12V220S Spare Universal Power Supply 12V for all DVM7400 models
MediaFlow MPEG2 Encoding Software for Alcorn McBride Media Players (MPEG2 License)
MediaFlow USB Key Floating USB License for MediaFlow (MediaFlow software license not included)
DMM Licensed Software, Digital Media Manager


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