Digital Audio Machine
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These tools help you access the advanced features of your product. Visit our Software page for more selections.
Software Description Download

AMI Terminal

Send serial or ethernet commands to Alcorn McBride products. Good for controlling hardware and troubleshooting.

GPS Builder

Setup triggers for Alcorn McBride products that feature GPS "Mouse" support

Playlist Builder

Easily construct Alcorn McBride playlist including embedded commands

Schedule Builder

This handy utility make sit easy to make real time schedules for Alcorn McBride products

Digital Media Manager

Manage audio and video files remotely. Group units. Synchronize multiple units at the same time. Monitor status dynamically. Fully functional demo of software available for purchase.

Alcorn McBride provides the latest firmware for your product at no charge. To learn how to check your firmware version and upgrade it, visit our Firmware page.
Firmware Product Version Download


Latest firmware

These sample files make it easy to test your product.
Sample Files Name Description Download

MP3 Audio Sample Clip

128kbit/s MP3 Tommy Bridges' Jazz Band

  WAV Audio Sample Clip Sample 16bit PCM WAV file

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