Digital Binloop
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Transportation-Museums-Theme Parks-Tourism-Kiosks-Casinos-Retailing-Visitor Centers-Restaurants
Professional audio and video reproducer with Cobranet option.
  • Up to 32 Tracks of 16 or 24-bit Audio
  • SMPTE and Video Synchronization
  • RS-232, MIDI, Contact or Ethernet Control
  • Cobranet Option
  • Dante Option

Explore the Binloop

The Digital Binloop is the industry standard for theme park audio reproduction. It provides up to 32 tracks of Digital Audio in a compact, economical, and highly reliable package designed for continuous daily use with no maintenance.

It plays 16 and 24-bit WAV or AIFF files at up to 96KHz, or MPEG-2 video at up to 15Mbps. Each cage accommodates up to 16 reproducer cards. Audio or video clips are stored on Compact Flash media, so there are absolutely no moving parts to wear out. Each card can hold hours of audio. Simply copy files— thousands of them, if you like — from your PC to the CompactFlash card. Monophonic audio files can be independently assigned to the left and right channels of each reproducer, so the 32 tracks really are completely independent.

The primary difference between the Digital Binloop and other reproducers is its awareness of show synchronization and control issues. It locks to NTSC or PAL video sync, and reads or generates linear timecode at many different SMPTE and EBU rates.

Controlling a Digital Binloop is amazingly simple. It responds to contact closures, RS-232, MIDI, and Ethernet — all simultaneously! Reproducer cards or whole Binloops can be grouped to respond to the same command, allowing a single event to control hundreds of tracks.

Unbalanced, balanced and digital AES/EBU audio outputs are standard. A 32 channel CobraNet output option is also available.

Composite and component outputs are standard. When playing video, each of the sixteen tracks may be multiplexed with stereo or Dolby AC3 audio.

If you don't need 24-bit audio, you may also want to consider our Video Binloop, a similar product for less demanding installations.

The Digital Binloop has been the theme park standard for more than two decades. It’s simply the most advanced multitrack audio/video reproducer ever. Contact your Alcorn McBride representative today for a demonstration.


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