Audio Products  
Digital Audio Machine
This compact player is ideal for two completely different uses: high quality audio in small exhibits, or GPS-triggered playback on vehicles. Its variety of output options make it quite flexible.
8-TraXX with Ethernet
8TraXX with Ethernet offers all of the features and benefits of the standard model but offers the flexibility of remotely updating content via Ethernet.
ProTraXX offers high quality MP3 audio playback in a compact, solid-state unit. It is the go-to unit for multi-zone playback.
TourTraXX is a multi-channel Vehicle Audio Player that plays up to 16 audio tracks using GPS. It is ideal for pre-recorded bus tours, trolleys, shuttles and trams.
Digital Binloop
Simply put, the Digital Binloop is the world's most sophisticated audio reproducer. It outputs up to 32 tracks of 24 bit audio, and has every control interface you can think of. Oh, and Cobranet, too.
Audio playback ready to rock! RideTraXX is a multi-channel synchronized Audio Player designed for high inertia vehicle applications. It is ideal for dark rides and roller coasters.
  Video Products  
Digital Video Machine
This compact player is ideal for two completely different uses: high quality video in small exhibits, or GPS-triggered playback on vehicles. Its variety of output options make it quite flexible.
Digital Video Machine HD
If you think that stuff they sell at Circuit City is high definition, think again! The Digital Video Machine plays up to 1080p video at nearly three times the broadcast bandwidth.
The Digital Video Machine HD is the ultimate high-definition video player. It provides the highest-quality video in an extremely compact and very reliable form.
A/V Binloop (formerly the Video Binloop)
With up to 16 tracks of video, plus 32 tracks of audio in a 3U package, the Video Binloop offers amazing performance at a terrific price. And since it uses Compact Flash, it's maintenance-free.
A/V Binloop HD (formerly the Digital Binloop HD)
The A/V Binloop HD is the ultimate frame accurate synchronized audio and video player. With no moving parts, this player provides up to 8 channels of ultra reliable playback that outlasts any other.
  Lighting Products  
LightCue Pro
A new LightCue now with 4 Universes, Ethernet, capable of up to 40 pile-ons, and much more
This DMX recorder is ideal for complex shows. Use it to record your DMX data so you don't need to leave an expensive lighting console in the attraction.
LightCue with Ethernet
The all-new LightCue takes the features of our LightCue Pro multi-universe DMX recorder/player and brings it to the single DMX universe.
DMX OverRide
The perfect utility for all DMX applications. Simple to install and use for everyday operation or backup when its needed.
DMX Machine
This scripted lighting controller is actually a complete show controller in disguise. Use it to create special effects, cycle theaters, or light exhibits. You can trigger it with contact closures or serial messages.
  Show Control Products  
V16 Pro
Our top-of-the-line show controller, includes everything the V16+ has plus Ethernet, Timecode generator/reader, Real-time clock, a larger display, and much more.
V4 Pro
Includes everything the V4+ has plus Ethernet, Real-time clock, a larger display, and much more.
A rugged touch screen interface able to interact seamlessly with our V16 Pro and V4 Pro Ethernet-enabled show controllers
ShowTouch for iPad
The ShowTouch for iPad app puts control at your fingertips. Download this app and check and maintain your show on the go!
Our top-of-the-line show controller, designed to handle 16 devices, multiple shows at the same time, with perfect frame accuracy and reliability.
Many people use our IO64 as a stand-alone show controller. After all, it has the same powerful operating software as the rest of the line. But, of course, it's a good way to add a bunch of I/O to any system, too.
SMPTE Machine
Our SMPTE Machine lets you synchronize any of our show controllers with linear timecode. It read and generates all frame rates, and converts to and from MIDI timecode, too.
Need an easy way to connect large amounts of field I/O with a single Ethernet cable? AMI/O is the answer! Available in multiple configurations, AMI/O is the most flexible option for quickly adding inputs and outputs.

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