5 Year Product Warranty

If you're expecting to see a lot of legal mumbo jumbo here, you're in for a pleasant surprise. We handle warranty issues in as straightforward a fashion as we run the rest of our business. Have you ever wondered how a manufacturer can have so little confidence in their products that they're only willing to provide a 90 day warranty? It makes us wonder. Here's our warranty:

If your product breaks within five years of purchasing it from us (one year for ShowTouch) or one of our dealers or distributors, we'll repair or replace it (at our discretion) for free. You pay to get it to us, we pay to get it back. If you need to return a product, please call to obtain an RMA for merchandise credit (less a restocking fee).

There's not much fine print. The only other proviso is that if, in our opinion, the product was abused (mounting it to the wheel of an all-terrain vehicle, trying to power it from a lightning rod, etc.) then we're going to charge you for time and materials to fix it, or at least to cover funeral expenses.

Frankly, this stuff doesn't break much. Don't block the ventilation holes (unless you're mounting it under Shamu's tank, but that's another story) and it will last you for years.


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