The EU Directives Covered By This Declaration:

Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive, amended by 92/31/EEC & 93/68/EEC

Low Voltage Equipment Directive, amended by 93/68/EEC

The Products Covered By This Declaration: 

V16+ Show Controller
V16 Pro Show Controller
V4+ Show Controller
V4 Pro Show Controller
V2+ Show Controller
InterActivator Show Controller
IO64 Input/Output Expansion Unit
SetPlayer Model SP1000
DMX Machine Lighting Controller
DMX OverRide
LightCue DMX Recorder
LightCue Pro DMX Recorder
SMPTE Machine
A/V Binloop HD
Digital Binloop HD
A/V Binloop
Digital Video Machine HD, Model DVM8500 & DVM8500/SYSD
Digital Audio Machine
MP3 Audio Machine
Digital Audio Machine AM4
Digital Video Machine 7400
Digital Video Machine 2
Digital Video Machine 4
Digital Video machine HD Model 8400
Information Station
Information Station HD
ShowTouch 7
ShowTouch 10

The Basis Upon Which Conformity Is Being Declared:

The products identified above comply with the requirements of the above EU directives by meeting the following standards:

EMC Compliance: US, Canada and Europe (CE Mark)

Emissions Compliance:

EN 55103-1:2009, Electromagnetic compatibility (emissions). Product family standard for audio, video,
audio-visual and entertainment lighting control apparatus for professional use.

Formal Emissions Compliance, Information Technology Equipment, EN 55022:2010 (EU/AUST), FCC CFR 47
Part 15 (US), ICES-003 (Canada), VCCI V-3 (Japan) Class B Emissions.
- Radiated and Conducted emissions
- Include Telecommunications Port
Formal Emissions Compliance, Radiated Magnetic requirements. - 100mm, 50 Hz to 50KHz
In rush Current : Annex B
EN 61000-3-2: Limits for Harmonic Current Emissions
EN 61000-3-3, Limitation of Voltage Fluctuations and Flicker


Immunity Compliance:

EN 55103-2:2009, Electromagnetic compatibility (Imuunity). Product family standard for audio, video,
audio-visual and entertainment lighting control apparatus for professional use.
EN 61000-4-2, Electrostatic Discharge, Immunity Compliance
EN 61000-4-3, Radiated Electromagnetic Fields, Immunity Compliance - 80 MHz to 2.7 GHz
EN 61000-4-4, Electrical Fast Transient / Burst, Immunity Compliance
EN 61000-4-5, Surge, Immunity Compliance
EN 61000-4-6, Conducted Immunity Compliance
EN 61000-4-8, Magnetic Field Immunity Compliance - Annex A: 50 Hz to 10 kHz
EN 61000-4-11, Voltage Dips and Variations - Audio Frequency: Annex B


The products operate exclusively off of voltages lower than those required by the Low Voltage EU Directive 2006/95/EC.

The CE mark was first applied in 1996.

 Signed:  Steven C. Alcorn
 Authority: CEO
 Date: 31 March 2010

The attention of the specifier, purchaser, installer, or user is drawn to the special measures and limitations listed below, which must be observed when the product is taken into service to maintain compliance with the above Directives.

Field connection to maintain product compliance with CE certification

This product should only be used with high quality, shielded cables and be terminated with metal-bodied connectors.

 The cable shield should be connected to the designated ground or frame pins at the originating end of the cable, where possible.

Any other cable type or configuration may result in degraded performance due to electromagnetic interference.

This product should not be used in an electromagnetic field that is amplitude modulated by an audio frequency signal (20Hz to 20KHz) as the signal to noise ratio may be degraded.

The product should only be operated with the power supply provided, connected to the specified voltage mains.

The unit should not be operated in wet or extremely humid environments.

To avoid damage from static electricity always observe safe grounding and handling procedures.

If operating the unit in lighting prone areas or areas where electrical mains may fluctuate, the use of lighting protection and uninterruptible power supplies is recommended.


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