John Conley

Applications Engineer


Over the last 20 years, I have utilized my knowledge and experiences in the field of electronics engineering to establish creative design strategies with various original equipment manufacturers. My role as a design consultant enabled me to interface with various levels of many organizations that included engineering, management and sales. I have been successful in pre-sale conceptual design as well as post-sale technical support and engineering.

My in-depth expertise in various technical fields provides a solid background to assist clients with the ability to transform creative business visions to deliverable products for the end user. I possess exceptional client relationship skills in addition to contributing to a cohesive team seeking higher levels of achievement.


CoreTec Communications ~ June 2002 – July 2007

As a senior engineer on staff, I am responsible for the design of support systems used in pre-production testing as well as post sales support of delivered products. Further duties include product package design including mechanical drawing of assemblies and design of product housing as well as product support activities. Developing and presenting sales, marketing and training materials as well as product documentation, manuals and marketing bulletins remain a large part of my responsibilities.

Avnet Inc. ~ January 2000 – May 2002

As a member of Avnet’s Electronics Marketing business unit, I serve as a Field Applications Engineer. My role as an analog/digital engineer allowed me to support sales of all analog and digital lines in Northern Florida. This position included responsibilities in design discovery and support, customer seminars, interfacing with suppliers and vendors as well as, general business management. Other duties include support of the following semiconductor manufacturers ADI, TI, NSC, ST, Motorola (On Semi) Intel and Xilinx.

Semtronic Associates, Inc. ~ July 1994 – January 2000

For five years, I served as Semtronic’s Field Application Engineer for the Northern Florida markets. In this role, I provided pre-sale and post-sale support for outside sales teams in the market. Additionally, I was coordinated training for the sales teams with the assistance of various distributors representing their specific product lines. My duties also included on-site design engineering in addition to providing demonstrations and seminars. During my tenure at Semtronic, I supported the following technical lines:

  • Xilinx. Development tools, including CAE entry, simulation and implementation software, board redesign, and the implementation of DSP, LSI, and general functions. Architectures supported are all FPGA’s and CPLD’s products
  • Zilog. Zilog produces processors, micro controllers, and special devices as well as development tools that include assemblers, In-Circuit-Emulators, and other support tools.
  • Fujitsu. Sparc processors, data communications products, DRAM’s and PC based support devices.
  • Cirrus Logic. Telecommunication and data communication products, audio DSP’s, ADC’s and DAC’s as well as industrial ADC’s and DAC’s
  • Transwitch. Telecommunication and data communication products including T1/E1 framers, Muxes, SAR’s and other devices

Hamilton Avnet ~ September 1989 – June 1994

Prior to joining Semtronic, I served as a Field Application Engineer with Hamilton Avnet. For two of those years I was a dedicated Intel/Xilinx FAE. This position requires both applications support and technical sales management of the sales team in Florida. In addition to Intel and Xilinx, I also supported ADI, TI, AMD, NSC, Motorola, LSI Logic and IDT.

Data IO Corp ~ December 1980 – May 1989

This Field Application Engineer position was to support the up and coming PLD market place. Device programmers and software tools such as PALASM and ABEL were the largest part of the early FAE’s responsibilities. When Data IO acquired Future Net, schematic entry and simulation were now the FAE’s main responsibility. As design automation grew, CAE entry, HDL entry, simulation, fault grading and testability became our focus. We provided training to the customer base on how to do design entry and test vector generation for the increasingly complex PLD designs. We also moved customers toward synchronous design practices using PLD’s and away from “TTL” styles of engineering. During this time, I co-authored a paper on Designing for testability and presented it at Southcon 88.

U. S. Air Force ~ November1974 –November 1979

After graduating high school, I served 6 years in the U.S. Air Force. While in the Air Force I received training in electronics engineering. Shortly after graduating technical school, I joined a design team at Shaw AFB. The design team was doing engineering work on classified (Black) projects, where I studied advanced electronics, physics and design theories. I worked as an engineering technician and advanced to design engineer working with consultants from MIT and scientists from AAI corp. I served in this role for about four and a half years. I was detached from my regular duties and assigned to the design team full time


Attended University of South Carolina where working toward a Business Management degree.

I received 38 credit hours from the Community College of the Air Force toward a BSEE.

18 months of Tech School, that included the following courses:

12 months of basic and advances electronics
6 months of physics that included Radar and Inertial systems.

While on the scientific design and research team, I received the educational and practical experiences of advanced engineering from the members of the team, which included the following:

12 months of digital control systems (National’s IMP series bit slice elements)
18 months of gate array and state machine design using Fairchild’s first user
selectable logic element, 300-gate military grade device.

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