Jim Carstensen

Director of Engineering


Specific areas of technical expertise are: Analog, digital, and microprocessor circuit design, industrial controls and robotics systems, digital signal processing, microwave and radar technology, communications and user-interface design. Processors: NSC800, Z80, 8096, 80196, 8080, 8088, 8086, 80188, 80186, Z34325, DSP32C, F9450, TMS32020, 80960MC. Languages: Assembler, C, BASIC, PLC.

Projects for Alcorn McBride

Performs design and development of electronic products for the entertainment, music and industrial control marketplace. Responsible for hardware and software engineering, and all phases of product development. Specific efforts include analog circuit design and debug, 80196 and 80186 microcontroller-based circuit design and software development, Microsoft Windows C program development, programmable logic controller programming, on-site system integration and testing, technical proposal preparation, and customer presentations.


Martin Marietta Corp., Orlando, Florida, Group Engineer

Responsible for the design of high speed microprocessor-based subsystems for use in the military. Specific designs included a 20 MIPS guidance and control computer based on an Intel 80960MC microprocessor, and two digital signal processor systems based on a Zoran 34325 vector processor and a Texas Instruments TMS32020. Performed high-speed digital timing analysis, programmable logic design, and developed a custom high-speed backplane bus for a multiple processor system. Others tasks included system integration and test, and test procedure preparation.

EGG Energy Measurements, Inc., Goleta, California, Engineer II

Designed, tested, and deployed man-portable radar surveillance system for the US. government. Designed high speed sample and hold circuitry, radar frequency synthesis circuits, analog filter elements, digital signal processing circuits, a video-based user interface, microwave filters and strip line tuning elements, and a complete microwave antenna system. Designed hardware and software for an NSC800 microprocessor-based user interface.

Walt Disney Imagineering, Glendale, California, Engineer

Designed, integrated, and supervised the installation and testing of theme park ride control subsystem. Designed custom controls, emergency stop system, and performed complete ride system safety analysis for Imagination Pavilion ride control system at Walt Disney World's Epcot Center.


Master of Science, Electrical Engineering, University of Central Florida June, 1990.

Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering, California Polytechnic State University , San Luis Obispo, CA June 1984

Outside Activities

Valencia Community College, Orlando, Florida, Adjunct Instructor. Instructor for classes automation systems and industrial control. Also conducts on-site seminars and full-term credit courses for local theme park and industrial firms.

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