Alcorn McBride Show Controllers are programmed using WinScript, an English-like scripting tool which is available for download. Our online Tutorial describes how WinScript works. WinScript comes with many protocol files that enable it to communicate with commonly encountered equipment. This page lists all of the protocol files that come with WinScript, plus others that are available for download here.

It's easy to construct your own protocol file. Complete details are in our Show Control User's Manual. If you have a protocol file that you'd like to contribute to our library, please e-mail it to support.

The following protocol files come with WinScript:

AMI_8BIT Alcorn McBride 8-bit Control Protocol
AMI_8TraXX Alcorn McBride 8Traxx
AMI Amptrx Alcorn McBride AmpTraXX
AMI_9BIT Alcorn McBride 9-bit Control Protocol
AMI_DAM Alcorn McBride Digital Audio Machine
AMI_AM4 Alcorn McBride Digital Audio Machine AM4
AMI_DB20 Alcorn McBride 20-Track Digital Binloop
AMI_DB24 Alcorn McBride 24-Track Digital Binloop
AMI_DB32 Alcorn McBride 32-Track Digital Binloop
AMI_DBHD Alcorn McBride Digital Binloop HD
AMI_DVM Alcorn McBride Digital Video Machine (8001)
AMI_DVM2 Alcorn McBride Digital Video Machine 2
AMI_DVM4 Alcorn McBride Digital Video Machine 4
AMI_DVM7400 Alcorn McBride Digital Video Machine DVM-7400
AMI_DVM8400 Alcorn McBride Digital Video Machine DVM-8400
AMI_DVMHD Alcorn McBride Digital Video Machine HD
AMI_IS Alcorn McBride Information Station
AMI_ETHM Alcorn McBride Ethernet Machine
AMI_GS Alcorn McBride
AMI_LTQ Alcorn McBride LightCue DMX Recorder
AMI_NET Alcorn McBride AMInet (Ethernet) Protocol
AMI_RBUS Alcorn McBride Binloop Reproducer Bus Protocol
AMI_RTC Alcorn McBride Real Time Clock Protocol
AMI_SMPT Alcorn McBride SMPTE Machine
AMI_VBL Alcorn McBride Video Binloop
AMI_VOTE Alcorn McBride Voting System
AMI_WEBSTER Alcorn McBride WEBster
Remote Binloop Alcorn McBride Binloop (12-slot) via a remote Show Controller
Remote Binloop16 Alcorn McBride Binloop (16-slot) via a remote Show Controller
AMIEVNTS Alcorn McBride Show Control Events (Generic)
360PATCH 360 Systems Patcher
AKAI_DR8 Akai DR-8 Multitrack Audio Player
AP_1YDM Autopatch Switcher (1YDM and others)
BARCO Barco Projector
PM64 CM Labs SixtyFour Studio
DENON Denon CD-Player
DCM5000 Denon DCM5000/5001 players
DN_C680 Denon DN-C680 players
Doremi_Nugget Doremi Nugget
ES_WALL Electrosonic Video Wall
ESE_194A ESE Realtime Clock Module
EXT200 Extron A/V Switcher
EXTSW6SA Extron Audio Switcher
HORITA Horita Video Processor
NOX-CUES IDT No X-Cues Scheduler/Automator
KDK_SP Kodak EktaPro Slide Projector
KRBC2016 Kramer Video switcher
KRVS401 Kramer Audio/Video switcher
KRVS808 Kramer Video switcher
CASL Level Control Systems LD-88
MIDI MIDI Generic Protocol
MIDI232 MIDI Protocol Sent at RS-232 Rates
OMICRON Omicron Switcher
PANA_DVD Panasonic DVD Player
PANA_LDP Panasonic Laser Disc Player
PHILIPS Phillips Laser Disc Player
Pioneer 7200 Pioneer DVD Player 7200
PIO8000 Pioneer LD-V8000 Laser Disc Player
PIONEER Pioneer Generic Laser Disc Player
PVYMEDIA Peavey Media Matrix
QUVIS QuBIT Qshell Serial Cmds
SNY_LDP Sony Laser Disc Player
SNY_VTR Sony Video Tape Player
sony200U Sony VPL-FX200U Video Projector
Sony_DFS700_DME Sony Video DME Switcher model: DFS700
STAGECMD Scenic Technologies Stage Command System
COHSTARC Star C Ion Laser Low Level Controller
SYN_MOSC Synelec Mosaic Video Processor
VELA0 Vela Video Server
CUSTOM User-Defined
and many more...

The linked protocol files are recent updates, and are available for download here. After downloading, the file should be placed in WinScript's protocol directory, which is usually located at "Program Files\Alcorn McBride Inc\WinScript\Protocol". Note that WinScript only scans this directory when it is started; files added during a WinScript session will not show up until the next time the program is run.

We'll also be happy to help you construct your own protocol files. Contact Support.


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