Architectural Specifications

Systems designers wishing to include general verbiage in their specifications which describe Alcorn McBride products should use these Architectural Specifications. These files are in pdf format for easy printing, but the text may be also cut and pasted using the Adobe Acrobat "Select Text" tool.

Digital Audio Machine AM4 - MP3 and WAV Player
8-TraXX - 16 Channel Audio Reproducer
AmpTraXX - 16 Channel Amplifier
Digital Binloop - 16 Slot Digital Audio/Video Reproducer
Digital Video Machine 7400 - MPEG-2 Digital Video Player
Video Binloop - 16 Slot Digital Audio/Video Reproducer
Digital Video Machine HD 8400 - High Definition Audio/Video Player
PDP-HDSDI - Input card for Pioneer PDP Plasmas
DMX Machine - Scripted Lighting Controller
LightCue - Lighting Recorder
LightCue Pro - 4 Universe Lighting Recorder
LightCue with Ethernet - DMX Recorder with Ethernet Control
DMX OverRide - DMX Feedthrough Device With Scene Overrides
Show Control
V16 Pro - Ethernet Show Controller
V4 Pro - Ethernet Show Controller
V16+ - 16 Device Show Controller
V4+ - 4 Device Show Controller
V2+ - 2 Device Show Controller
InterActivator - Compact Show Controller
IO64 - IO Expander andl Show Controller
1746-SMPTE - Timecode Interface for SLC 500s
1756-ShowIO - Timecode Interface for ControlLogix


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