App Note:
Creating User Interfaces
Using StarDraw
This application note demonstrates how to easily create graphical user interfaces such as the one shown below. These applications can be used by any show staff including:
  • Operators
  • Supervisors
  • Engineers
Design Engineer
Audio 8-TraXX
Digital Binloop
Video DVM7400
Video Binloop
Lighting DMX Machine
Show Control V16+
See Below

Step 1: Layout the Hardware

It is easy to create an interface application that is able to communicate with any of our Show Controllers.   The following examples were created with Stardraw, a 3rd party application for creating graphical user interfaces.  The first step is to simply connect the computer to the show controller.

Step 2: Build the User Interface

Such software applications can be custom tailored to suit the user's need whether it be an operator, supervisor, or engineer at the controls.  The application can issue commands to the show controller and receive responses.  The second step is to tell the application which commands to send.

Step 3: Run the Application
The control software will run on any computer with the Windows operating system.  This includes standard PCs that are controlled via keyboard and mouse or those with touch screen displays.  The last step is to run the application on a PC that is connected to the show controller.

Start Creating Your Own Interface

  1. Download Stardraw Control and install it on your Windows PC.
  2. Download one of the example projects below.
  3. Import the project and modify it to suit your user's needs

Download Stardraw
approximately 6mb

Example 1
This example application is used to control a V16+ Show Controller and provide visual feedback on each command.
Download   Project File | Executable
Example 2
This example was created by modifying the previous example with only a few new images.  In less than 10 minutes an entirely new user interface was created for another project using the V16+ Show Controller.
Download   Project File | Executable
Example 3
This example demonstrates how to retrieve detailed status messages from the show controller.  An example Winscript is included with the Project File that can be used with your show controller.
Download   Project File | Executable

Additional Sample Images


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