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A Simple Museum Video Interactive
Video and Buttons
With a very small investment, you can turn your standard information kiosk into an exciting multimedia exhibit using Alcorn McBride Products.

Our museum has a mannequin of an astronaut approximately 2 meters tall. Next to the mannequin is a large informational poster explaining in detail, with lots of text, the history of space exploration starting with Gagarin's first orbit flight around the earth, through the first moon landing up to the exciting technology behind the Hubble telescope. Interesting, but very few people actually stop to read everything.

It's very easy to turn an exhibit like this into the museum's most popular attraction with one simple machine: The Digital Video Machine. Here's how:

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Block Diagram

In the astronaut's space helmet is a high-resolution video monitor with loudspeakers protruding from his ears. Scattered over his space suit are pushbuttons which the visitor is encouraged to push. Each pushbutton will play a pre-recorded video clip pertinent to the exhibit. The first clip can be, say, archive material of the first moon landing. The next one may show pictures of the recent Mars fact-finding project or the latest video pictures from the Hubble telescope. In this way the visitor can choose what he wishes to watch in line with his interests. If no one has selected any button, a motion sensor can "see" if anyone is standing within a meter or two of the exhibit, and automatically start an introduction clip with teasers of all the video clips available, and perhaps a short intro explaining how to "use" the exhibit.

This one machine adds loads of life into your exhibit, turning what was once a static portrayal of an interesting topic suddenly into a dynamic, interactive experience with video and sound. This setup is also very practical and efficient for your museum because it makes use of the existing exhibit architecture. Construction or other architectural changes to your museum are not at all necessary. The machine is simple to set up and install, and your professional systems integrator can program it in a snap. 

The Alcorn McBride equipment necessary for this application example is the Digital Video Machine. Additional components which may be needed are a video monitor, loudspeakers, external pushbuttons and a motion sensor.

Alternatives and other ideas for this example:

The video show can be on a non-interactive basis, running constantly whenever a visitor is "seen" by the motion sensor. Additional languages can be added to the exhibit's playback by using the Alcorn McBride Digital Audio Machine or 8-TraXX audio player. 

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