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Approved Video Encoding Services
Standard and High Definition
Don’t wait until you get to the field to test your video material! The most common cause of technical support calls is faulty video encoding. In order to guarantee reliable, repeatable performance, the audio and video MUST be encoded and multiplexed precisely. We encourage you to use a service with Alcorn McBride encoding experience. They know how to make video that plays perfectly, stays in sync and looks its best. And our tech support department will thank you!
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Standard and High Definition Video Encoding

Associates in Media Engineering, Inc.

Associates in Media Engineering, Inc.
5328 Abbott Place
Los Angeles, CA 90042
+213.407.9001 v
+323.256.6859 f

Sound "O" Rama
Contact: K.C. Ladnier
6624 Kingspointe Pkwy.
Orlando, FL 32819
(407) 903-1111


Standard Definition Video Encoding

Sound "O" Rama - Florida
Contact: KC Ladnier
(407) 903-1111

Entropy Productions - Alaska
Contact: Joe Quigley
(907) 783-9500

La Boîte numérique - Canada
Contact: Jacques Maltais
(514) 296-7420

TEDD - Mexico
Contact: Alejandro Altamirano
+55- 5358 3033

TaPaTOOvu - Belgium
Contact: Joël Rivet
+32 2 733 69 85


High Definition Video Encoding

Turner Engineering, Inc. - New Jersey
Contact: John Turner
1 (973) 263-1000

Communications Electronic Design (CED) - Kentucky
Contact: Tim Creed
(502) 584-0816

Pink Pigeon - United Kingdom
Contact: Will Timbers
+44 (0)20 7439 3266

Do you have experience encoding video for our products? If so, and you'd like to perform this service for others, please send us a CD with test videos in PAL, NTSC or high definition format. Also enclose a quick note with the CD, describing that you want to be listed on the site, so we don't confuse it with customer video. Once your videos pass, we'll be pleased to put you on our website. Please make sure the content has video footage with motion, not just flat graphics, and is at least a minute in length.  If you have questions please e-mail us at

Click here for information on encoding for standard definition, here for information about encoding for high definition.

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