Location: Osaka, Japan


Installer: MTC
Programmer: Matsushita


video: DVM
show control: V16+
show control: IO64

Universal Studios

18 Attractions and 20 Themed Restaurants

Universal Studios Japan is the first Universal Studios to open outside the US. There are 18 attractions, 20 themed restaurants, and lots of stores in this large park. It's located in Osaka, the second largest city in Japan.

In addition to many of the most popular attractions at Universal Studios Florida, USJ also has some unique attractions, including Snoopy Studio and Universal Studios Motion Picture Magic.

Universal Studios Japan uses Alcorn McBride audio, video, and show control equipment parkwide.

Universal Studios Japan uses Alcorn McBride audio, video and show control equipment parkwide.


Terminator2 3D
Monsters Rock & Roll Show
E.T. Adventure
Motion Picture Magic
Animation Celebration
Stage 22
Monster Make-up
Television Production Tour
Back To The Future
Jurassic Park
Snoopy's Playland
Snoopy's Sound Stage Adventure
Wild, Wild, Wild West Stunt Show
Animal Actors Stage
Hollywood Magic

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