Client Name: Museum of Health
Location: Houston, TX


Installer: MOH
Programmer: J. Jannick


audio: AM4
video: DVM
lighting: DMX Machine
show control: V16+

Museum of Health

Sixty-one interactive video and audio kiosks

The John P. McGovern Museum of Health & Medical Science, also known as The Health Museum, is a unique health and science education facility with a fantastic main attraction: the Jim Hickox Amazing Body Pavilion, a larger-than-life walking tour through the human body. The Museum is dedicated to promoting understanding and appreciation of the human body and inspiring a life-long commitment to health.

Sixty-one interactive video and audio kiosks

Features in the Pavilion include:

  • Three Fantastic Illusion Presentations that dramatically communicate health and wellness information about the lungs, heart and brain.
  • Sixty-one interactive video and audio kiosks invite guests to pose interesting questions about human anatomy and health information.
  • A 22-foot-long backbone with ribs descending from the ceiling to the floor, creating the feeling of being inside a giant rib cage.

The hands on experience includes:

  • 27½-foot intestine
  • Texas-sized, 10-foot-tall walk-through brain with memory games
  • Skeleton riding a bicycle
  • Hearing evaluation tests
  • Skin morphing demonstrating the effects of sunlight on the skin
  • Look down the throat at vocal chords in action
  • Clogged artery stations
  • Colossal walk-in eyeball that demonstrates how your eye receives and perceives images
  • Visual demonstrations of depth perception
  • Variety of safety demonstrations from eye goggles to drunk driving

Other attractions include two theaters, family science labs, learning centers and special exhibit space for traveling exhibits.

Alcorn McBride equipment is used throughout the museum.

Photos: (Click to zoom)

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