Case Study:
Canada's Wonderland
A Paramount Theme Park

The Eruption project is a concrete mountain in the middle of our park - it is about 5 acres at its base and roughly 180' high. To celebrate our 20th anniversary we are going to turn the mountain into a volcano. We have installed miles of liquid propane lines and almost 40 burners. We have ash and lava generators and over 25 smoke machines and low smoke generators. We have relit the mountain using studio due lighting fixtures and have added a large multi-zoned sound system. This show will use your SMPTE Machine as the "Show Clock" so everything will run off the same clock. We are using your LightCue to manage all of the lighting fixtures, smoke machines and a few other toys like the ash generators.

I have the fun of designing the stage management and control system as well as making it all work together. I also have a few other bits and pieces - a V2+ runs the preshow of our simulator theatre. I have two DVM2 units that are in the same building providing playback of audio and video for the same preshow. I have three Digital Audio Machines with custom interfaces - two are in our background music system for promotional and operational announcement playback. The other is getting a cue playback interface for our Sea lion show. I have never had a problem with you guys.

It is my pleasure to promote your gear - it is good stuff!


Doug McBoyle
Manager, Entertainment and Technical & Event Services
Paramount Canada's Wonderland

It is my pleasure to promote your gear - it is good stuff!
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