Case Study:
Biennial of Contemporary Art in Venice
French Pavilion

The French Pavilion at the Biennial of Contemporary Art in Venice presents original works in which the video, sound and lighting are essential elements. The French Pavilion received the special prize of the Jury for the 2001 Biennial. The Pavilion is divided into three sections: 

A high-definition theater in which the film " Buildings " is presented continuously. Two different recordings are available for this film. A tape is selected by chance by the show-controller (a Alcorn McBride V16+, which controls the entire Pavilion) before the beginning of each presentation. During the projection, part of the right wall of the room becomes transparent, thus revealing the central part of the exhibit. The high definition video in this room is sourced from an Alcorn McBride DVM/HD. 

A central room in which the artist Pierre Huygue installed his " Pong ", a giant video game using 144 luminous cubes controlled by DMX. The normally opaque wall at the bottom of the room becomes transparent periodically, to reveal mysterious cubes. Visitors can play this giant "Pong" game. 

The third space is filled with luminous waves. At certain times, the light softens and an animated film is preented. Here also, one of the walls becomes transparent at certain times, letting visitors see the central part of the Pavilion. 

The visitors need patience in order to be able to enter the Pavilion. There is often a line.

Only one bay is enough for all the video sources (DVM/HD, DVM2s) and the Show Control (V16+ and DMX Machine). The installation was performed by Cineparts. Eric Albert, in charge of the technical department: "We are delighted by the quality of the high definition image. To use this kind of technology in Europe was still unusual, but thanks to the support of Alcorn McBride we had access to all the information necessary to make a success of our encoding HD on our first attempt. The programming of the show control system did not pose any problem -- we could use our spare time to enjoy Venice!" 

thanks to the support of Alcorn McBride we had access to all the information necessary to make a success
Name French Pavilion
Installation Cineparts
Programming H. Corrado


Lighting DMX Machine
Show Control V16+

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