Case Study:
Blast Furnace of Vendresse
Visitor Center

Vendresse is a small city of the Ardennes, formerly famous for its blast furnace. Now the blast furnace of Vendresse is back in service, this time for the pleasure of hundreds of visitors expected beginning with the June tourist season.

The attraction, conceived by Frederic Ravatin of Créatime, is composed of two parts: A visit to the blast furnace, and a show in the adjacent market.

When visitors enter the blast furnace room they are dwarfed by the enormous furnace. An audio presentation begins and the furnace ignites, revealing the shadows of workmen. The group is invited to tour the building and learn about the former owner, whose history is projected on a surface of the chimney. Farther along, a paddle wheel used to for ventilation appears on a water curtain. The tour continues through the giant ventilation system, with guests finally coming to the hearth. Finally the moment arrives for the first cast.

A second building houses an unconventional theatre. Guests sit around a relief map of the area. A touch screen allows visitors to choose their language. High-definition projection is accompanied by three other video projections on the walls and the steps. Lighting effects are also included.

Each show is controlled by a V16+, and uses a LightCue. The video source is a DVM4. A WEBster and a DVM/HD are also used.

The installation is by EI Audiovisuel under the supervision of Philippe Lemaire.

visitors are dwarfed by the enormous furnace
Name Blast Furnace of Vendresse
Installation EI Audiovisuel
Programming H. Corrado
Audio 8-TraXX


Lighting LightCue
Show Control


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