Case Study:
Historial de Vendée
Museum-Wide Alcorn McBride Systems

Vendée is a département in west central France, on the Atlantic's Bay of Biscay. Historial de Vendée is an immense museum that tells the history of the Vendée, from the dawn of time until today. It's divided into various sections covering different periods. The museum directors wanted a highly interactive environment, including many videos, resulting in a massive Alcorn McBride installation.

Digital Video Machines source a hundred channels of videos, which are used throughout the museum, on all types of screens and projectors.

Each of ten spaces has its own control, organized around a V16 and of a DMX Machine. IO64s are also used when the number of inputs and outputs are large. A WEBster in each area makes it possible to communicate from a central graphic interface, developed with StarDraw.   

8-TraXX, AmpTraXX and Digital Audio Machines distribute sounds and background music throughout.

Despite the large scope of the project, installer Software-ADS, completed fine tuning in plenty of time for the opening, the end of a true marathon!

A massive Alcorn McBride installation
Name Historial de Vendée
Contact historial
Installation Software-ADS
Programming H. Corrado


Video DVM-7400

DMX Machine

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