Case Study:
The Van Abbe Museum
Pierre Huygue Exhibit

Cinéparts, a young Lyonnaise company has just finished audio and video installation of a new exhibit of works by French artist Pierre Huygue at the Van Abbe Museum in Eindhoven. 

The exhibit presents several works of Pierre Huygue, all using audio or video technology. The centerpiece of the exposition is the "Pong", a giant video game where the video screen is replaced by a ceiling made up of 144 luminous cubes, all controlled by DMX. Visitors can play a part on this giant Pong game. 

The others works are video sequences, including "3rd Memory", a reenactment of a bank robbery presented on two synchronized projectors.

In one show, the room is plunged into darkness, and a light bulb narrates a presentation about the site where Philips produced its first bulb.

"Our major concern," explains Eric Albert, the technical person in charge of Cinéparts, "is that the system we set up is perfectly reliable. We are far from our service center here."

For this reason, the audio and video sources for the exposition are by Alcorn McBride. A V16+, DMX Machine, six DVM2s and an 8TraXX ensure the reliable presentation of all the videos, sound effects, music, background ambiance and messages, as well as the control of the entire exposition.

"The installation and the programming took less time than envisaged," conclude Mssr. Albert. "We know that we make the good choice each time we turn to Alcorn McBride."

We know that we make the good choice each time we turn to Alcorn McBride.
Name The Van Abbe Museum
Installation Cinéparts
Programming H.Corrado
Audio 8-TraXX
Video DVMs
Lighting DMX Machine
Show Control V16+

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