Case Study:
Tooner Field
Cartoon Network at Turner Field

Tooner Field is a $3.4 million project which is a cartoon themed baseball interactive area where kids can spend time challenging their skills in an atmosphere that combines relevant cartoon characters with baseball & fun.

Cartoon Network's Tooner Field is over 13,500 linear feet of steel tube, (the equivalent of 4,516 baseball bats lined up end to end), has almost 400 gallons of paint applied, 33,000 square feet of plywood, over 200 gallons of glue and 20,000 screws. It takes up an entire side of the Turner Field plaza.

Tooner field uses Alcorn McBride for audio, video and control thoughout.

the equivalent of 4,516 baseball bats
Name Turner Field
Installation Imagine That
Programming C. Harden
Audio Binloop
Video DVM
Show Control V16+

3300 S. Hiawassee Rd.
Bldg. 105
Orlando, FL 32835

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