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Thrivent Builds
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Telling the story of poverty housing is easy. But telling the story of bringing families out of that scenario and into decent, affordable housing is tough – at least it was until Thrivent Financial for Lutherans joined with Habitat for Humanity to create Thrivent Builds. And to tell the story, we’re hitting the road!

Thrivent Builds’ Thrivent Builds Mobile is a program featuring a mobile center designed to relate the daily issues and struggles millions of families face each day. It also shows how Thrivent Financial and Habitat come together with people like you to help give those families a fresh start in a home of their own built with the hard work and sweat of volunteers and homeowners.

The Mobile uses two DVM-7400s, a V4+ and a DMX Machine. Our own Scott Harkless assisted with the programming.

Thrivent helps give families a fresh start in a home of their own
Name Thrivent Builds
Installation Mobile Media Enterprises
Programming S. Harkless
Video DVM-7400

DMX Machine

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