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Paramount's Great America
Survivor the Ride

Survivor The Ride

Alluring tropical landscapes. Pulsating jungle sounds. And heart-pounding, nonstop excitement at every turn. Paramount’s Great America unveils the world’s first reality rollercoaster, Survivor The Ride! Based on the Emmy-award-winning CBS series Survivor, this highly interactive attraction blends the drama of the show’s past episodes with classic theme park thrills.

Take an incredible journey past fiery, 40-foot tall torches, captivating tribal relics, and lushly exotic surroundings that look and feel just like the remote settings you’ve seen on SURVIVOR. Experience a Survivor-like endurance immunity challenge or relive the show’s most spellbinding moments through the photo montages of past Survivor episodes. You’ll join one of two tribes, and then face off through exuberant tribal chants and ritual dance. (Losers, beware. . .native masks are rigged to spray you with a cool surprise!) Then, board a giant circular vessel, with a fiercely towering mask at its hub. You’ll sit facing outward and experience a riveting rocking and spinning as the platform swirls along a wave-like track—all while crisscrossing rugged terrain and climbing hills up to five stories tall!

Aduio is sourced from an Alcorn McBride Digital Binloop.

You’ll sit facing outward
Name Paramount's Great America
Installation Pro Media
Programming T. Parker


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