Case Study:
Star Trek: The Experience
After 10 Years at the Las Vegas Hilton, now moving to Neonopolis

Star Trek: The Experience provides visitors with two exciting attractions, Klingon Encounter and BORG Invasion 4D. Both are very realistic experiences that combine live actors, special effects and simulaton.

In Klingon Encounter Visitors are beamed onto the Starship Enterprise, just as it is being attacked by several Klingon warships. During the escape, visitors board a 27-seat simulator for their trip back to Earth.

In Borg Invasion 4D visitors tour a research facility where they are attacked by the BORG, who try to assimilate them. The experience comes to an exciting conlcusion is a high-definition 4D theater.

There's also an Star Trek artifact museum and Quark's Bar and Restaurant. The Deep Space Nine Promenade houses shops where you can check out the world's largest collection of Star Trek memorabilia and collectibles and purchase a souvenir.

Alcorn McBride show control and Aduio equipment is used throughout.

Both are very realistic experiences
Name Paramount
Installation ETI
Programming J. Scheinberg
Audio Binloop
Show Control V16

3300 S. Hiawassee Rd.
Bldg. 105
Orlando, FL 32835

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