Case Study:
Star Galaxy
Traveling Show

Designed to tour Russia, this show needed reliable components which would survive the rigors of road travel and be far away from tech support.  The show is essentially a traveling science fiction walk-through with several different highly themed environments, all relating to science fiction genre and outer space – as depicted by Hollywood. 

Several Digital Video Machines are incorporated into various scenes in the show, as well as Alcorn Digital Audio Machines.  The units are located in three show control rooms dedicated to the project and interface with the master control system for pre-programmed show sequences. Here, reliability was the key as well as ease of site programming, and the ease of training the local techs to update the show as need be without assistance from us.

Associates in Media Engineering (now a part of Electrosonic) did the installation.

a traveling science fiction walk-through
Name Star Galaxy
Installation AME
Programming P. Bock


Video DVMs

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