Case Study:
High Definition Theater

Alcorn McBride sponsored a Digital High Definition Theater featuring the Showscan film "Street Luge" (that's pronounced 'loooj', not 'loogie') at Shaqtacular, a Los Angeles benefit hosted by Shaquille O'Neal. Jeremy Schienberg and David Geoghegan were on hand to welcome guests to the DVM/HD-driven production, which features a high speed street luge race through Topanga Canyon -- no, wait, that's Griffith Park -- no it's, oh, never mind.

a Los Angeles benefit hosted by Shaquille O'Neal
Name Shaqtacular
Installation Showscan
Programming J. Scheinberg
Video DVM/HD
Show Control V16+

3300 S. Hiawassee Rd.
Bldg. 105
Orlando, FL 32835

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