Case Study:
Seat Pavilion
Volkswagen's Autostadt

SEAT is a brand of car made by Volkswagen and marketed in Germany. The SEAT Pavilion is one of many at Volkswagen’s new corporate theme park, Autostadt, in Wolfsburg, Germany.

Alcorn McBride equipment is used throughout Autostadt. The SEAT Pavilion contains:

1 Alcorn McBride Digital Audio Machine
2 Alcorn McBride V4+ Show Controllers
2 Alcorn McBride IO64s
3 Alcorn McBride LightCue DMX Recorders
2 Alcorn McBride SMPTE Machines

The following description is excerpted from an article by Rocksound Network GmbH, Hannover, Germany, the audio/video and show control contractor for the entire SEAT pavilion. The system was design by Bernd Noack of Koeln, Germany. 

The guests of the SEAT pavilion are guided through the entire building by the media events themselves. Arriving in the entrance hall, an automatic door leads people into the cinema, the 'Cyclorama', to enjoy a 4-minute fantasy movie in a full 360-degree display with multi channel sounds.

Another automatic door brings visitors over a walkway to big glass cylinder with a Half of the pavilion is running 10 hours a day in a 6-minutes show loop that includes audio, video, lights, the laser show and mechanical parts (doors and a rotating car platform). This loop is controlled by Alcorn McBride equipment and is locked to timecode. Here one V4+ show controller, one IO64 input/output expansion, one SMPTE Machine and one LightCue DMX recorder are used. This complete show control system is installed twice for redundancy.

After leaving the cinema through another automatic door, visitors are guided over a causeway (with some sound effects) into the basement. Here a huge glass cylinder hides a brand new car study, the SALSA. The cylinder is mirroring and the car is invisible until the laser show inside the glass cylinder starts. After some time the car starts turning and moving up into full lights. The platform is serial controlled by the Alcorn McBride equipment. An Alcorn McBride LightCue DMX recorder controls the lights.

There are about 30.000 visitors every month walking through the SEAT Pavillion. An impressive number.... Mr. Friedrichs, the Pavilion Manager said: "We are very happy that we have this many people coming in and visiting the 'SEAT experience." 

There are about 30.000 visitors every month
Name Volkswagen
Installation Rocksound Network GmbH
Designer B. Noack
Audio AM4
Video DVM-7400
Lighting LightCue
Show Control

SMPTE Machine

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