Case Study:
Riverton Cemetary
A Seasonal Haunted House

Remember when you were a child? Remember walking alone at night behind the house? Remember feeling that you were being watched? Remember walking faster and faster and finally running for your very life?

You will again.

The Riverton Cemetery is a seasonal haunted house in North Hollywood, California. It is put on by the Entertainment Industry as a charity event. Unlike most haunted houses it is not gore-oriented, but rather fright-oriented. Riverton organizer Jeff Long says, "We don't make people throw up, we make people pass out."

Riverton uses an Alcorn McBride V16+ for main show control, automated scenes, videoserver control, and assorted other items throughout the building. A V2+ connected to the Internet allows web surfers to remotely control fright effects and watch the results by moving a pan/tilt camera. It also provides midi-controlled flicker flame effects around the cemetery.

A DMX machine controls the lighting, including triggered lighting effects and additional flicker flames. Finally, an Alcorn McBride 8Traxx provides thunder, automated audio in the scenes, web-triggered audio effects, and evacuation announcements.

Riverton is always looking for volunteers. Whether you'd like to help with installation or just want to spend the night lying around in an old coffin, I'm sure they can dig up something for you to do.

Jeff Long scares up a glass of Chardonnay.
we make people pass out
Name Riverton Cemetary
Installation J. Long
Audio 8-TraXX
Lighting DMX Machine
Show Control


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Bldg. 105
Orlando, FL 32835

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