Case Study:
Reveal Show
Epcot Center

The Reveal Theatre is a post-show for the GM Pavilion at Walt Disney World's EPCOT. The show is an animated advertisement for GM vehicles.

Three turntables, situated in a semi-circle, hold two to three cars. Each turntable has a rotary door, and the turntables themselves rotate so that, among them, only one car is "revealed" to the audience at a time.

Two video walls are also situated on the semi-circle, one each between the turntables. There is a ceiling full of motor-controlled show lighting, spicing up the show. Each car show begins with a video, followed by a "reveal" of the automobile, with a total show time of approximately 90 seconds. 

The heart of the control system is an Alcorn-McBride V16+ show controller, which synchronizes video, audio, lights, and turntables, producing a continuous stream of entertainment that is completely automated. The control system was designed by MKPE consulting.

The heart of the control system is an Alcorn-McBride V16+
Name GM
Installation MKPE
Programming J. Janninck
Show Control V16+

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