Case Study:
Peppermill Casino & Hotel
Restaurant Theming

Peppermill Casino and Hotel in Reno, Nevada has opened two highly themed restaurants and an expanded casino area.

R.K. Roden, Inc. engineered, designed, fabricated and programmed the audio, video, lighting control and show control system. the project contained a wide variety of items to control. Here are some of them:

Name Peppermill
Installation RK  Roden
Audio Binloop
Video DVMs


Show Control



Four Digital VideoMachines are synchronized to display a show on four 20’x22’ water screens. The water pumps are controlled via DMX Machine to a ‘DMX-Analog’ converter for the motor speed control units. One Digital Video Binloop is used to feed video source material for casino commercials to the outside LED sign and a 125-cube video wall in the main casino area. All video signals directed via a 48x48 switching router, controlled via V16+ show controller.


Four Digital Video Machines are used to feed high quality audio for the water screen video wall show. Two Digital Audio Binloops are used to feed point source and background music audio throughout both restaurants. All audio is processed through two Peavey Media Matrix systems.


Three DMX Machines and One LightCue are used to control all lighting. There are three 48-channel dimmer racks and special effect lighting utilizing up to 1300 channels of DMX.

Show Control

Two V16+ Show Controllers, Six IO64 Input/Output Expansion units and Three DMX Machines.

special effects uses 1300 DMX channels

Wind Machines

Eight wind machines are used to give a wind effect during certain show sequences. These machines are controlled by a DMX machine via V16+ show controller.

Laser System

Two Digital Audio Binloop Reproducer Cards are utilized for the laser system, One for eight individual time codes and One for eight individual pieces of digital music that correspond with each show.

Rotating Statue

A large statue rotates during the laser show audio. This is controlled by an IO64 via V16+ show controller.

Moving Tree Limbs

For a special effect, tree limbs move during show by self-contained motor servo controllers controlled by a DMX machines via ‘DMX to Analog’ converter.

LN2 Liquid Nitrogen System

Liquid Nitrogen Gas is used for special effects during shows. An IO64 is used for control.

Smoke Machines / Fog Machines

These units are controlled by a DMX machine via the V16+ show controller.

Gas Torch Effects

Nature Gas Torches are used for a special effect.

The natural gas control units are controlled by an IO64 Input/Output expansion unit via V16+ show controller.


Outside Water Fountain Show

Ninety-Six valves and four 25HP water pumps are controlled by a DMX machine, then ‘DMX to Analog’ converter via V16+ show controller. A three stage Wind Anemometer receiver unit is then used to send a signal to the V16+ show controller to regulate the water fountain height during varying wind conditions.


HVAC Air Conditioning

The air conditioning in special areas is turn off during certain shows. This is to stop air movement. This is controlled by an IO64 via V16+ show controller.

Curtains / Drapes

Nine motorized curtains close and open during certain shows. These are controlled by an IO64 via V16+ show controller.

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