Case Study:
Palate of the Images
Park d'Aventures Scientifiques

Park d'Aventures Scientifiques is a unique showplace in Mons, Belgium. The newest attraction is the Palate of the Images.

A unique projection room surrounds guests on all sides with forty-foot screens. A projector installed beneath the audience is used for the front screen. Rear projection is used for the walls, and a projector installed on the ceiling is directed toward the floor in front of the audience. Lastly, two projectors installed in niches dug in the ground are aimed vertically at the ceiling.

The large screen size necessitates high-definition, and the sources must be able to perfectly synchronize, so six DVM/HDs was a natural choice. The units are synchronized using a V16+ and a SMPTE Machine. The V16+ automates the show and monitors the projectors and players. A DMX Machine controls the lighting.

"We had already used Alcorn McBride products in other attractions at PASS, and have never had any reliability concerns,” explained Rémy Spengler, the technical director of the site. "Alcorn McBride was an obvious choice for this delicate installation."

PASS is located near the head office of Barco, so they were a natural choice for the video projectors. Thanks to careful adjustments by their technicians, the image overlap on the ceiling is invisible, a remarkable accomplishment using DLP technology. The sound is distributed by an impressive array of 18 loudspeakers. “Le futur a-t-il un avenir?” is the first film produced especially for this room. This 28 minute production is presented ten times per day.

Alcorn McBride was an obvious choice for this delicate installation.
Director Rémy Spengler
Programming H. Corrado
Video DVM/HD
Show Control

SMPTE Machine

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