Case Study:
Dr. Oetker World
Bielefeld, Germany

Dr. Oetker World in Bielefeld showcases more than a hundred years in the history of Dr. Oetker, one of the major German food companies.

The museum uses a variety of Plasma screens, TFT monitors, LCD projectors and sound stations, which are fed by 8 DVM4s and 40 AM4s. All players are networked for easy update of the content. To control the system, 4 V16+ are used, together with a DMX Machine; the DMX Machine takes care of the proper lighting of the various exhibits and also triggers a scent emitter which supports the video presentation. The V16+ are connected to the building's internal management system and can control the complete electrical installation of the museum.

Dr. Oetker has some 250 products on the German food market – and in almost all cases they’re the leading product. The headquarters of the family business are in Bielefeld, but Dr. Oetker is also well-known in many other countries, especially in Europe – in France as Ancel, in Italy as Cameo – and in Brazil and Canada too. Exports currently account for 50% of the company’s total turnover of 1.3 billion euros. Dr. August Oetker started his business in 1891 in the backroom of his chemist’s shop, where he developed the baking powder “Backin”. Even today, baking is one of the company’s most important areas of business, alongside desserts and pizzas. The company is currently led by a great-grandson of the original founder.

Dr. August Oetker started his business in 1891 in the backroom of his chemist's shop.
Name Dr. Oetker
Installation COMM-TEC
Programming S. Herzer





DMX Machine

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