Case Study:
Nine Inch Nails
Fragility v2.0 Tour

CIn a revolutionary use of LED-based display technology, tour lighting designer Marc Brickman has designed a lighting and rigging system utilizing three massive LED panel displays in an articulated, automated fly system. When suspended directly over the stage, the panels provide an infinitely-variable source of intense color, pattern and light as sourced by the MPEG-encoded video content. The panels then track to a vertical position on cue and then display a wash of impressive imagery at various times throughout the performance. 

Two redundant Alcorn Digital Video Machines source the MPEG encoded files to the screen controller.  The system is locked to the show’s SMPTE  with an Alcorn SMPTE Machine, and the entire video playback system is controlled by a V2+ system controller.  All of this is incorporated into a rugged touring rack and travels with the show to almost 50 different North American stops. 

Associates in Media Engineering (now a part of Electrosonic) did the installation.

a rugged touring rack travels with the show to almost 50 different North American stops
Name Nine Inch Nails
Installation AME
Programming P. Bock
Video DVMs
Show Control

SMPTE Machine

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