Case Study:
Pro Football Hall of Fame
Vistor Center and Museum

Edwards Technologies is one of the largest and oldest users of Alcorn McBride equipment. From Australia to Korea to China to Europe, and all points in between, ETI has installed hundreds, if not thousands, of pieces of Alcorn McBride equipment. Sometimes we have the pleasure of assisting with the installation, as we did at the NFL's Pro Football Hall of Fame, in Canton Ohio.

Name NFL
Installation ETI
Programming S. Alcorn
Audio Binloop
Show Control V16+

The Pro Football Hall of Fame includes a unique revolving theater show. Guests enter a high-definition preshow, which gives them a peek inside a real NFL locker room, right before a game. They then "ride" the theater as it rotates them into an impressive large format presentation that is updated annually with highlights of the past NFL season.

The entire show is controlled by an Alcorn McBride V16+. Multichannel audio is sourced from a Digital Binloop.

The show was designed by Brian Edwards. The installation was done by Steve Alcorn, Rick Roden and Linda Gedemer.

Guests take a peek inside a real NFL locker room, right before a game


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