Case Study:
AEGIS Theater at Nauticus
Audience Polling System

The AEGIS Theater is an interactive show at Nauticus, the National Maritime Center in Norfolk, Virginia. The show combines live actors, audience members and 17 video monitors to simulate the operations room of an AEGIS destroyer.

During the course of the show the audience must respond to incoming threats by pressing buttons on the Alcorn McBride SmartVote system -- choose the wrong button and your ship gets blown up.

The show is coordinated by a V16, which collects and analyzes the vote and then plays the appropriate audio, video and lighting segments. Vote results are dramatically displayed as a graph overlaid on the main projection screen using custom software developed by Alcorn McBride.

The show was designed by Jack Rouse Associates and installed by Edwards Technologies. Our own Steve Alcorn did the programming.

choose the wrong button and your ship gets blown up
Name AEGIS Theater
Installation ETI
Programming S. Alcorn
Show Control


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